Rain showers from early on today kept our temperatures much lower than they otherwise could have been. Just last weekend, forecasts were calling for temperatures into the mid-90s today. That could have been very possible, had it not been for the rain and heavy cloud cover we had earlier on in the day. Even Chicago made it up to 91 degrees for their high this afternoon.

As those rain showers move out, skies will clear. But the humidity keeps us quite a bit warmer than we otherwise would be. Temperatures only fall into the upper 60s, even as skies clear.

Tomorrow, the humidity continues to drop, as we will see sunny skies for the afternoon. This will lead to much more comfortable weather despite the sunshine. We will also hold onto a light NNE breeze as high pressure moves in.

Dew points today peaked in the mid-70s for some, which lead to some very humid air. Luckily, dew points drop into the 50s and 60s tomorrow and Friday as high pressure keeps skies clear and humidity low.

Warm air advection takes over for the weekend, and the comfortable weather gives way to humidity again. Temperatures rise back into the low 90s for both Saturday and Sunday as a weather system draws the warmer, moist air from the South closer to the Stateline. This also brings our next rain chances. Even that warm weather does not last long, as high pressure once again swings through for early next week, cooling us back into the low 80s.