Overall, much better weather conditions are in store for us this weekend. Although it’s a little foggy and humid out still early Saturday morning, the day will shape up nice. We will see partly sunny skies, but temperatures are only going to be in the mid to upper 70s the next few days, a big change from last week.

Dew points also are going to drop throughout the day and there will be a sharp cut off where they fall well below 60 degrees which is when it starts to feel muggy outside. Dew points by tonight will be in the mid to lower 50s and that pattern will continue the remainder of the weekend and even into early next week.

Eventually temperatures will rise again but we are looking at a comfortable stretch beating the above average temperatures the next few days. Once we reach Friday and next weekend there are signs, we could turn warm again. For now, enjoy the much-needed break. Even at night temperatures will only be in the 50s most nights, perhaps a good break from the air conditioning.