After a record-tying day Tuesday and our first temperature high of 100 degrees since July 17, 2012, much more comfortable weather returns for the remainder of the work week. We will still have above normal temperatures right near the 90 degree mark the next few days, but at least dew points will not be in the mid to upper 70s, meaning it will not be as muggy out there like it was Tuesday. Dew points will slightly come back up Friday and Saturday.

Winds will stay between 10-15mph Wednesday night with gusts up to 20, so not as strong as yesterday. Thursday we will see winds come down even more with gusts only reaching 10-15mph at most.

As we head into the weekend, that marks our next chance of rain. Most rain looks to hold off until early Saturday morning, meaning any plans for Friday night should be okay. The rain will last off and on through Saturday. We’ll have to watch for the potential for a few storms to develop ahead of a cold front Saturday night. After that, we turn back to a dry pattern. Expect sunny and dry conditions up until the first half of the weekend.

Thanks to the cold front that will pass Saturday night, much more seasonal temperatures will reach us by the second half of the weekend. Temperatures will actually be back to an average/slightly below average pattern to start the work week off next week. This does not look to last that long as heat looks to build back up behind the brief “cool down”.