It was a bit of a nicer day out today as the sunshine we saw actually helped to bring our temperatures near 40 degrees for many across the Stateline. It will be a bit warmer night as clouds increase, causing our temperatures to only drop into the mid 20s tonight.

Tomorrow, we reach the low 40s with continuing overcast skies through the day and winds from the southwest again.

Let’s go right into Futurecast, as it shows clouds increasing tonight only allowing temperatures to fall to the 20s. Snow showers will pass to our north overnight and into tomorrow. Those will stay far enough away from us, but we could catch a stray snow shower or two to the north Monday into early Tuesday morning.

Higher chances for us come again Tuesday, especially into the evening and overnight hours. These would likely be rain showers, due to slightly warmer surface temperatures.

Temperatures for the next few days do not fluctuate too far, hovering between the upper 30s and low 40s. Normal for this time of year is right around 37 degrees.

Now to talk about the pattern coming up.. You hear a lot about the polar vortex during the winter-time. This is basically just a pocket of very cold air normally trapped in place by fast moving winds aloft. Sometimes this jet stream can dislodge itself and surge down bringing us colder air similar to what we are seeing right now. However, the cold blasts we have seen lately have been short-lived due to high pressure too the northeast helping to keep the arctic air mass in place. As we push this forward, the polar vortex lifts further north, while another short-wave trough moves in later in the week. This will bring a low pressure our way for Thursday and Friday, with some rain and snow chances, depending on exact placement of that low pressure.

The biggest question with the system is that placement of that low… Right now two major models have slight differences in where they are placing it. One model with a more northerly placement would give us more of a rain and mix scenario locally, while the southerly track could indicate a higher chance for snow. This is definitely something to keep an eye on toward the middle of this week.

Otherwise, we are going to be seeing near normal temperatures with a few other chances for precipitation through the end of the week.