The warmth from today is almost making us forget the chill we had even just a few days ago! We went from the low 40s for our high temperature just a few days ago to the upper 70s today! Quite a change, but those from the Midwest are used to these drastic changes, especially in the middle of fall!

Clear skies remain in place tonight, but temperatures only fall to around 50° for the low tonight. This is thanks in part to the Southerly wind, but also the overall warmer air mass in place. This low temperature is warmer than 3 of our high temperatures earlier this week. Crazy!

We could be even warmer tomorrow than we were today, reaching the upper 70s once again. 80° is not out of the picture by any means. Winds remain strong out of the South, gusting close to 30 miles per hour.

A strong low-pressure system is helping to bring much of the winds, as high pressure moves out. The gradient between high and low pressure tightens, and therefore winds remain much stronger. This remains the case throughout the weekend, as the low-pressure system develops out to the West.

While we stay clear and dry though the weekend, this system brings rain chances into the area as early as Sunday night. A warm front lifts North around then, which brings also storm chances Sunday night into Monday. This is still something to monitor, as it is a few days out.

Chances for rain could persist through Wednesday before we eventually clear out by the second half of next week. There are still quite a few uncertainties on how this system will develop, so keep tuned to the forecast as to when exactly you will need your umbrella!

Breezy and warm conditions persist through the weekend. Rain moves in by Monday, and temperatures return to normal shortly after that. We look to dry out a bit by the end of next week.