Well, we did it, we’ve exceeded our average monthly precipitation for October in the span of just three days. So far since midnight Rockford’s airport is checking in with 2.02″. We saw 0.45″ Wednesday, and 0.40″ Thursday. The monthly average for October is 2.68″ and we are up to 2.93″.

All across the Stateline we have seen widespread and heavy rain fall. Most areas are pushing 1-2″ and more will continue to fall overnight.

Localized flooding remains a concern with heavy rain remaining in the forecast. Turn around don’t drown. Be sure to report any flooding to local law enforcement and avoid any flooded paths and roadways. By Saturday mid to late morning the heavy rain will move out. There is still an isolated chance through Saturday afternoon and evening and then most areas should be on the drier side of things Sunday as the low moves away, though a few stray showers cannot be ruled out.