Parade of Cold Fronts Bring Relief From Recent Heat & Humidity


June’s Hot Start:

This extremely hot start to the month of June continues to shatter records as Sunday marked the 10th day this month with a high of 90° or higher. With that being said, we’ve now observed double the amount of 90° days compared to what we had at this point last year (4). Thanks to a parade of cold fronts, the upcoming work week won’t nearly be as warm, and not nearly as humid.

Comfortable Monday:

The first of three cold fronts that we’ll see this week is scheduled to sneak through early this morning. With the limited amount of moisture around the Stateline, we won’t see any rain chances as this cold front slides through. However, you will notice a light breeze out of the west-northwest as you head out the door this morning, with gusts topping out between 20-25 mph by the lunch hour. Slightly cooler air is expected to filter into the region behind this morning’s cold frontal passage, which will help bring down our afternoon highs by a few degrees.

Expect highs to top out in the mid to upper 80s this afternoon, under partly sunny skies. While it may feel warm at times today, the humidity thankfully won’t be an issue. Dew points today, tomorrow, and even into Wednesday are expected to remain in the upper 40s-low 50s, a sizable jump from what we were experiencing last week.

Relief Continues:

Unfortunately, we won’t see any rain chances with the secondary cold front that is scheduled to push through Tuesday night. However, another round of cooler air will filter in from the north, keeping high temperatures closer to average into the middle of the work week. The third cold front, which moves in Thursday into Friday, will have a better favorable environment for thunderstorm development to work with. One thing we’ll need to keep in mind is the chance for severe weather with this cold front. While chances remain very low at the moment, we will have to wait and see how models handle our chance with the frontal passage. As far as high temperatures are concerned, we may be able to squeeze in one more 90° day before temperatures cool off for the weekend.

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