Peak wind gusts from Monday afternoon


Following the passage of a cold front and low pressure system Sunday, west winds really picked up early Monday, lasting through much of Monday afternoon. Peak wind gusts from across the region ranged between 45-50 mph, with a peak wind gust in Rockford of 51 mph around 2pm.

The strong wind gusts have come down a bit Monday evening, but still remain around 20-25 mph. As high pressure continues to settle in across the Stateline, wind speeds will continue to subside through the night. This will set the stage for a very cold night as lows tumble into the single digits.

Wind chills early Tuesday are expected to fall on either side of zero degrees, with a few locations already Monday night experiencing sub-zero wind chills. The clear skies won’t last as cloud cover is expected to move back in early Tuesday. This will help hold afternoon temperatures down in the 20s for much of Tuesday afternoon.

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