It has been a few hazy days across the Stateline and a good portion of the country due to the Canadian Wildfire smoke that was transported to the area via the jet stream. A decent amount of that smoke has collected along the cold front that swung through earlier this morning. This has cleared out most of the smoke into the evening, but if the fires continue to burn into the weekend, we may see the smoke return next week.

The skies were definitely hazy Friday afternoon shortly after the cold front went through. A couple pictures were shared to us from Ed Pilar’s drone overlooking Dixon. The horizon was very hard to see due to the limited visibility from the smoke closer to the surface.

The cold front helped to bring some of that smoke closer to the ground due to the cooler, denser air descending behind the front. This may have allowed for it to even smell a little smokey earlier today. Compared to much of this past week when the smoke was much too high up in the atmosphere to smell.

The cold front not only brought the smoke down to the surface, but also brought some rain showers to the Stateline. While the rain did not amount to much, many spots picked up over a tenth of an inch of rainfall this morning.

Temperatures warmed into the upper 60s earlier today but will fall down into the 40s overnight tonight under mostly clear skies. Winds will lighten up into the night, but the chill will remain in the air!

Temperatures warm back into the 70s tomorrow, but not quite as warm it was Thursday due to Winds still coming from the North behind today’s front.

Looking ahead to the week, there is not a lot going on. This is because of a blocking pattern that will set up aloft in the atmosphere. Areas of low pressure to the Northeast and Northwest will force the jet stream further North, generally keeping weather systems away from the Central part of the country. This will help warmer temperatures stay in place for us into the middle of the week. This blocking pattern will also allow for smoke to settle in once again if fires persist across Canada.

Temperatures will be warm for the week ahead, but also toward the turn of the calendar as well. The period within the next 8-14 days looks to feature warmer than normal temperatures, per the Climate Prediction Center outlook.

Temperatures reach back into the 70s tomorrow through Monday, then the 80s through the rest of the week. We could see smoke again for the early to middle of the week, but otherwise sunny skies and lots of summer-like warmth headlines this week’s forecast!