Trending Upward:

November sure has featured quite the ups and down when it comes to our high temperatures. Thankfully, the trend as of late has been in the right direction as we’ve gone from the brutally cold 20s to the pleasant 50s all in a 5-day span. These improvements not only look to carry on into our Wednesday, but also into Thanksgiving.

Pleasant Wednesday:

Before you head out this morning, there will be a few things you’ll need to prepare for. One is the cold. For the third straight morning, temperatures have rapidly fallen into 20s prior to sunrise. Secondly, patchy fog will be a possibility during the morning commute hours, especially in spots where winds stay light or calm.

Any fog that does manage to develop will be quick to burn off, leaving us with beautiful sunshine for the rest of the morning. That, along with a somewhat more organized southwesterly wind will result in another quick temperature climb, placing most in the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. Towards the evening, clouds will gather up, leaving skies mostly cloudy during the overnight hours. 

Thanksgiving Forecast:

Cloud cover will be present for much of the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it will still feature seasonably mild temperatures with highs peaking in the upper 40s and lower 50s. As we’ve been putting out there over the last few days, a few light rain showers will be possible during the afternoon and evening as a frontal boundary approaches. As we’ve also been emphasizing, tomorrow’s rain doesn’t look to bring any disruptions to your travel plans. Rainfall amounts look to remain light, with most picking up a quarter of an inch or less. Expect cloud cover to stick around into Thursday night, with conditions drying out for Black Friday.