Powerful Thunderstorms Produce Widespread Wind Damage Across Much of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Monday


Severe storms were quick to move in early Monday afternoon producing widespread wind damage across much of the area as wind speeds of 70-90mph were reported. Numerous severe thunderstorm warnings and even tornado warnings were issued as the line of storms moved across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. This complex of storms, known as a derecho (click here for more on what classifies a storm complex as a derecho), developed early Monday morning over southeast South Dakota and quickly grew into a powerful storm complex as it moved across Iowa. Wind speeds of 90-100mph were reported across central Iowa as the storm complex moved through.

Meteorologist Joey Marino – Guilford Rd (Rockford, IL)

Locally, widespread wind damage was reported all across northern Illinois with significant damage east and northeast of Rockford with numerous trees down across roads, power lines and even on a few homes. Near Forreston there were reports of a mobile home park that had sustained quite a bit of damage, as well as several reports of trees and power lines down all throughout the area.

Sandy Bruch – Downed corn north of Kirkland (DeKalb County)

Skies will clear heading into Monday night with high pressure moving in Tuesday and Wednesday. Our next chance for thunderstorms could come as early as Thursday.

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