Quiet for Wednesday, Widespread Rain Moves in Thursday Morning


Much Cooler This morning:

The difference in our regional temperatures over the last 24 hours provides a really great example on how cloud cover affects our temperatures. For instance, when you have a blanket of clouds in place at night, the heat that was absorbed by the Earth’s surface during the day doesn’t have that opportunity to be re-emitted back into space. Hence why we woke up on either side of the 50-degree mark Tuesday morning. But since skies Tuesday night were mostly clear, radiational cooling went into full-effect, allowing temperatures to bottom out into the low to mid 30s.

Mainly Dry, But Breezy Wednesday:

Trust me when I say that you’ll definitely feel the difference once you step out the door. Needless to say, a few extra layers will be needed if you plan on heading out the door this morning  Despite the chill, we’ll manage to see some sunshine before clouds eventually gather and thicken up by this afternoon. Highs cool off by a few degrees thanks to the increase in cloud cover, with most topping out in the upper 50s/low 60s.

Rainy Thursday Morning:

Although we remain dry for much of the daylight hours, we’ll begin to see some green pop up on the radar by this evening. Any rain that falls later on today will be light and scattered in nature. After a short break from the rain Wednesday night, a surge of moisture out ahead of a cold front will bring shower chances back by Thursday morning. 

This time, rain will fall in a more widespread fashion and could be heavy at times before things wrap up by mid-day. Up to a 1/2″ of rain is possible. As cooler air rushes in on the backside of the low, temperatures will fall from the 50s Thursday morning to the 40s by the afternoon. Guidance does show a few flurries/snow showers passing on through during the day on Friday.

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