Rain Chances Continue:

Mother nature has been quite kind to us this week giving us rain chance after rain chance. So much so that our rainfall deficit for the month of September is now sitting under an inch. 

Fortunately, the “rain train” continues as a weak low, or something we call a Mesoscale Convective Vortex (M.C.V), lifts into the region from the south. 

With it will come an increase in moisture, resulting in the chance for a few isolated showers beginning after mid-day. Come Thursday evening/night, expect the coverage of this activity to increase slightly, passing through in a more scattered fashion. 

Heavier rain will be a possibility with any thunderstorm that develops, though severe weather thankfully will not be a concern.

Weekend System:

Rain chances simmer down a bit for Friday. However an isolated shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out at any point in the day. High temperatures because of the continued rain chances and expansive cloud cover will peak in the upper 70s. 

From there, our attention will then turn to a strengthening storm system over the Upper Great Plains. One that will bring a multi-day severe set up to those who live in the central plains and the Midwest. Rain chances for us don’t spike until late Saturday night into Sunday.

However, there is still a bit of time for forecast models to get a firmer grip on the finer details, such as timing and accumulations. High temperatures are expected to “fall” so to speak to a more fall-like feel, peaking in the low 70s Sunday through Wednesday!