Rain Lingers:

The Stateline has had an opportunity for rain each and every day this week. This trend is likely going to carry on into our Friday as a weak and stubborn low pressure system sits close by. If you plan to step out the door this morning, be sure to have the umbrella with you.

Rain chances will be best during the first half of the day in a scattered fashion, with conditions turning drier for the afternoon. If any late-day sunshine were to emerge, this will further help temperatures make the climb back into the upper 70s. Forecast models do bring a few passing showers through the area overnight, with temperatures falling back to 60°.

Drier Weekend:

Changes to the weekend forecast have more become apparent thanks to the influence a coastal system has on our atmosphere. To some, these changes will bring positive news. On the flip side, for those that want more rain, close your ears. At first, it looked like this somewhat active weather pattern was going to continue into the weekend.

But potential tropical cyclone sixteen has thrown this weekend’s rain chances a curveball as it helps develop what is known as a ‘rex’ block ridge of high pressure. This is an upper-level blocking pattern that features high pressure north of low pressure.

With the development of this blocking pattern, this slows down the low to the west, lowering our chances for rain as we make the seasonal transition into Fall. That’s right friends! Fall officially begins at 1:50AM CDT Saturday!

Expect sunshine to emerge in partial fashion for the first day of fall, with temperatures climbing to the 80° mark. As the associated frontal boundary approaches from the west, clouds will increase into Sunday. This will leave us with a mostly cloudy sky.

That, along with a chilly wind off of Lake Michigan will make for highs in the low 70s. With ridging becoming the dominant upper-level feature, much of next week will be dry. In a similar fashion to Sunday, highs during this stretch will peak in the low 70s.