Temperatures Thursday morning dipped into the 40s, low 40s for some, but were quick to warm into the low to mid 70s during the afternoon. This was all thanks to plenty of sunshine and dry air in place over the Great Lakes.

Air molecules in an air mass that is dry are able to move around more freely when warmed, causing temperatures to warm. This typically brings a big spread in temperatures the morning low to the afternoon high. This is what is known as the ‘diurnal range’ and is often why during the cooler months we tend to see a 30 (plus) degree temperature spread from low to high.

When an air mass has more moisture the air molecules are not able to move around as much, leaving a smaller spread between the low and high.

The dry air currently in place will play a role, initially, in our rain chances Saturday. A cold front stretching from the Upper Midwest into the Plains will slide closer to the Stateline Friday night. As it does, cloud cover will be the first to move in Friday evening. Skies are expected to remain dry Friday night, but a few light showers are possible Saturday morning.

A second cold front moving in Saturday afternoon will bring a slightly better chance for rain, and a few isolated thunderstorms, during the afternoon and evening. Severe weather is not expected at this time.

Rainfall amounts will remain light and between a tenth of inch up to a quarter of an inch. Clouds will stick around Saturday night and into Sunday before clearing some Sunday afternoon.