Rain/Snow Mix Early:

So far, Rockford has picked up 0.30″ of rain. Believe it or not, this the most the airport has observed in nearly a month. Yes, it’s been that dry. 

In fact, October 26th was the last time Rockford saw .25″ or higher (0.48″). Scattered chances continue are set to continue into the morning commute. 

Cooler air wrapping around this morning’s storm system will even bring the possibility, especially along and north of highway 20, for some wet snowflakes to mix in. Now, any snow that does manage to fall will not bring major impacts to your morning travels as air and ground temperatures are to remain above freezing. But just know if you plan to travel, roads will wet.

Rain will taper off before mid-day, leaving a mostly cloudy sky and a bit of a gusty wind for the afternoon. In a similar fashion to Monday, peak winds will land in the 25-30 mph range. 

However, today’s wind will be more of out the north and northwest, leaving highs in the low 40s. Clouds sticks around for a good chunk of the night before clearing up Wednesday morning. Overnight lows will end up cooler, landing in the low 30s.

Turkey Day Forecast:

Thankfully, winds won’t be as intense for holiday travelers Wednesday or Thanksgiving Day. In fact, both days will be dry, with Wednesday featuring a bit more sunshine than Thanksgiving. However, expect highs to land in the low 40s. 

Temperatures following a weak and dry cold front will cool into the 30s for Friday. 30s will the name of the game for the weekend as well.