Warmth Continues

If you were one who wisely took the day after the Super Bowl off from work, you picked a great day weather-wise to take off. Behind last night’s frontal passage, our Monday kicks off on a tranquil note with temperatures in the upper 20s. Despite winds being out of the northwest for a majority of the daylight hours, today’s abundant sunshine will help get us back towards the 50-degree mark. Monday night also remains quiet. However, clouds will be gathering up prior to sunrise. A sign that our next rain opportunity is not too far away.

Rainy Tuesday:

Valentine’s Day also features a quiet start. But you’ll need to still pack the umbrella before you plan to step out the door. Once the mid-day hours roll around, guidance shows a rather widespread wave of rain pushing in from the southwest. 

From there, rain will stick around for a good portion of the afternoon. Now despite the gloomy and wet weather that is on tap, high temperatures will still be able to peak in the upper 40s, close to 50-degrees. Towards Tuesday evening, the portion of the low-pressure system known as the dry slot will move overhead, bringing us a break from the onslaught of rain. Expect dry conditions to carry on through much of Wednesday as we await our second storm system.

System #2:

Of the two storm system’s, the second one is the one in which forecast models didn’t have a good enough grip on the overall track. The GFS, or the American model, came in slightly south than the EURO (European model). This places us under a better chance for a wave of snow to move in whereas the Euro places the best snow chances just north of the IL/WI border. Current thinking suggests that our late week event begins as a  mix of rain and snow early Thursday.

As temperatures cool, a transition to snow appears to be a good bet, and this may last well into the afternoon. As we like to say with winter weather forecasting, it’s still way too early to put out any numbers. But just know there is a chance for snow to fall late Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon. And whatever we end up getting from this system will melt over the weekend as highs climb back into the low 40s.