Record Crest Possible Along the Rock River

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Major flooding is forecast to occur along the Rock and Pecatonica Rivers late this weekend or early next week, with a record crest possible for the Rock River at Latham Park.  The Rock River at Rockton could also come close to a record crest early next week.

Flood Warnings continue for the Rock, Pecatonica and Kishwaukee Rivers in northern Illinois as the river stage has gone up significantly since the heavy rain Tuesday night.  Most points along the rivers are expected to crest in major flood stage sometime over the weekend or early next week. 

Below are the current river levels, as well as the anticipated crest height and time as of 9pm Thursday night.  It’s important to remember that the forecast will likely change as additional rain falls within the river basin, as well as with any additional rain or snowmelt that may occur further upstream. 

Pecatonica River:
Freeport: Currently in moderate flood stage at 15.31ft – Forecast to crest at 17ft (major flood stage) late Monday/Tuesday

Shirland: Currently in moderate flood stage at 15.1ft – Forecast to crest at 17.5ft (major flood stage) late Sunday/Monday

Rock River:

Dixon: Currently in minor flood stage at 17.22ft – Forecast to crest at 17.8ft (minor flood stage) late Friday/Saturday

Byron: Currently in major flood stage at 16.03ft – Forecast to crest at 16.4ft (major flood stage) late Friday

Latham Park: Currently in moderate flood stage at 12.41ft – Forecast to crest at 14.5ft (major flood stage) late Monday/Tuesday – *the forecast for this point along the river is expected to crest over the record crest of 14.3ft*

Rockton: Currently in moderate flood stage at 12.58ft – Forecast to crest at 15.4ft (major flood stage) late Monday/Tuesday – *this crest will come close to the record crest of 15.5ft*

Kishwaukee River:

Belvidere: Currently in moderate flood stage at 10.27ft – Forecast has it cresting down will decreasing levels through the weekend

Perryville: Currently in minor flood stage at 15.4ft – Cresting now with decreasing levels through the weekend

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