Remaining Quiet, But Cooling Back Down For Thanksgiving


Cooling Back Down:

Despite having a mostly cloudy sky for a majority of our Thanksgiving Eve, temperatures during the afternoon still managed to climb into the mid to upper 50s. Unseasonably warm when you compare that to late-November climatology as average highs are typically in the low 40s.

But I do hope that you were able to enjoy the gorgeous day we had on Wednesday as temperatures are expected to cool back down thanks to last night’s cold front.

Thanksgiving Shivers:

Behind Wednesday night’s frontal passage, winds locally immediately changed to the northwest, which allowed a much cooler air-mass to usher in from southern Canada. 

Under a mostly cloudy to overcast sky, temperatures slowly cooled down this morning, with most spots landing in the upper 30s. Wind chills for some, because of the wind shift, are ranging from the low to upper 20s. If you have any last minute plans that you want to get done this morning, bundle up!

Chill Lingers into Friday:

Today’s northwest breeze will keep the cold around, with wind chills falling into the teens by dinner-time. Fortunately, guidance does show this morning’s cloudy and gloomy weather giving way to some late-day sunshine. Clouds will continue to clear out as we head into tonight, leaving us with mostly clear skies. 

That, along with winds easing up will allow temperatures to bottom out into the mid to upper teens by Friday morning. It looks like we’ll manage to sneak in a few peeks of sunshine during the early stages of Friday, with clouds quickly gathering up by mid to late morning. Forecast highs Friday afternoon will only reach the low to mid 30s.

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