Autumn is vastly known for it’s beautiful foliage, holiday traditions, and warm beverages. But in the world of meteorology, it’s known for it’s shorter days and cooler temperatures. 

It’s during the months of September, October, and November in which northern Illinois sees a significant drop in average highs, leaving us near the 40° mark by the end of November. 

So far, much of October being spent in the 50s. It’s this long-lasting type of chill that makes us question if we will ever see 70°, even 75° weather again.

Don’t worry. It’s not uncommon to see temperatures in the 70s this far into the calendar year. 

According to the National Weather Service in Chicago, Rockford’s last 75° day on average typically falls on October 19th.

In fact, the latest that 70° weather has been observed was November 21st, 1913! Believe it or not, Rockford has seen 65° a few days before the new year!  

Long story short, I wouldn’t put away the warm weather clothing just yet!