Same Story, Different Day As Summer-Like Pattern Continues


Same Story, Different Day:

Yesterday provided a perfect example on what meteorologists mean when they use the term “scattered”. A non-severe, slow-moving thunderstorm that developed southwest of the Rockford metro left only a trace of rain at the Rockford Airport, but near an inch in Cherry Valley. Similar to how Monday panned out, the next two days are expected to play out in a similar fashion, starting off on a quiet note, with a few scattered showers & thunderstorms popping up during the afternoon. If you’re plans are to leave the household early or to be outside for a prolonged period of time, It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an umbrella nearby. 

Timing Out the Rain:

While Tuesday is starting off a few degree cooler, afternoon highs are expected to soar into the mid to upper 80s later today. That, along with dew points in the mid to upper 60s, will formulate the perfect environment for a few showers and thunderstorms to pop up. Just to be clear, today’s storms will again be widely scattered, so rain-free hours are a given. However, similar to yesterday, any storms that do pop up will be slow movers.

This is why a certain may have the potential to pick up an inch, while other spots aren’t so lucky. Again, no severe weather is expected. However, any storm will have the capability to produce a few wind gusts up to 40 mph as well as heavy downpours. Frequent lightning can also be expected with the stronger storms. Today’s rain threat looks to wind down before sunset, leaving us mainly dry for the overnight hours.

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