We saw a lot more cloud cover than we had yesterday, and some scattered rain showers that lingered throughout the day. Those rain chances continue tonight under gloomy skies once again. We might see some steadier showers overnight, but they do look to remain much more scattered than models were suggesting yesterday.

Scattered rain showers continue through the overnight tonight and into the early part of the day tomorrow.

Temperatures tomorrow only make it up into the 60s under mostly cloudy skies through much of the day. However, we could see some sunshine late into the evening just before the sun sets.

Those clearing skies late tomorrow leads into the much warmer end to our work week on Thursday and Friday. With that warmth, also comes the chance for some storms. The Storm Prediction Center has these outlooks for Thursday and Friday. It shows areas to our Northwest under a level two out of five risk on Thursday and an area to watch off to the Southeast for Friday.

The storms Friday are due to a cold front, and that front drops our temperatures back down below normal for the weekend and early next week.

The 7-Day Forecast shows the temperatures getting quite the boost for Thursday and Friday along with those storm chances, but then we are back down into the low 60s for the weekend and early next week.

For more information on this forecast, watch this clip from the 6PM newscast: