Fall Air Arrives:

Since the middle of September, a cooler than average day has been hard to come by. Including yesterday’s high of 76°, the Rockford Airport has observed 14 consecutive days with above-average temperatures. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. While you were sleeping, a stronger cold front slid through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, marking the beginning of a more fall-like pattern. 

Scattered Showers Friday:

The Stateline is already feeling the effects of last night’s frontal passage as morning lows are starting out 10°-20° cooler than Thursday. Expect clouds and winds to increase into the afternoon, both of which will play a huge roll in our warm up. After reaching the upper 70s yesterday, high temperatures today will fall short of the 60° mark. 

Scattered showers will accompany today’s cloud cover beginning around noon, with chances lasting into the evening. Some of the heavier showers may also contain some graupel – kind of like soft hail – thanks to the freezing level being close to the ground. An isolated thunderstorm or two may also occur, but severe weather is NOT expected. Any chance for rain will come to an end shortly after sunset, allowing skies to turn partly cloudy overnight into Saturday. 

Dry, Cool Weekend:

If you were waiting to go to the apple orchard or to the pumpkin patch until it actually felt like fall, then you’re going to like this weekend’s forecast. Sunshine reemerges Saturday.

Winds remain rather chilly out of the northwest, limiting highs to the upper 50s. A weak area of low pressure will be responsible for the increase in cloud cover that occurs into Sunday.

It’s not entirely off the table that a few sprinkles may accompany this cloud cover, especially during the morning hours. But in a similar fashion to Friday and Saturday, highs will peak in the upper 50s. This fall-like weather pattern doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon as upper 50s look to stick around into the early next week. Overnight lows will fall into the upper 30s.