The last round of rain for Wednesday continues to exit the Stateline to the east, with a few drizzly spots slowly following behind. Winds have increased quite a bit with the showers, gusting close to 40 mph at times. This has pulled the temperature down into the upper 40s and low 50s; overnight lows will drop to the upper 30s.

Partly cloudy skies Thursday morning will turn mostly cloudy as cold air settles in from the north. Even though the cold fronts have passed, a strong upper-level low to the northeast will keep several, mini low pressure systems spiraling through the Midwest and Great Lakes. One of those lows will pass through Thursday afternoon.

Moisture will remain very low in the atmosphere but the quickly rising air, from the pocket of cold air aloft, could be enough to generate a few spotty showers for the afternoon. Mixed in with the showers could also be graupel. Graupel is like soft hail, forming in a slightly different way in the atmosphere than hail does. It doesn’t mean severe weather, but it does mean that freezing temperatures will not be that far above the surface.

Northwest winds will also remain strong, gusting to around 30mph throughout the afternoon. Highs on Thursday will only warm to the low 50s. A little rebound in temps, only to the middle 50s, are expected Friday afternoon but it looks like the chill is here to stay for at least the next week. Highs next Monday and Tuesday may only make it into the upper 40s.