Scattered showers are moving across the Stateline producing a few pockets of heavy rain. These will move out within the next few hours (currently 12:30pm) but there will also be another chance of showers late tonight. Clouds will decrease for a little while by the late afternoon today but then increase again ahead of the scattered showers overnight.

Rain will hold off until about 1-2am and then should be over by 7-8am. Sunshine will be back in the forecast after the rain moves out.

We have a lot of moisture to work with right now, which is driving higher dew points Wednesday. Luckily dew point temperatures will start to come down through the remainder of Wednesday and into the next few days too. 

There is a little bit of a heat index out there today, but mainly in areas that have not seen showers yet but only a few degrees higher than actual air temperatures. It does feel muggy outside due to the higher dew points but overall temperatures are not bad, most areas Wednesday afternoon are only in the mid to upper 70s in most Stateline places.

Current wind speed is up to 10-15mph in most areas. A few places such as Rockford, Freeport, and Janesville are checking in with wind speeds between 5-10mph while Sterling is up to 17mph. Winds will calm down overnight but pick back up Thursday gusting up to 20-25mph in the afternoon and evening.

Overnight Wednesday, temperatures will remain in the mid to upper 60s. Thursday daytime highs will only reach the lower 80s, so a few degrees below normal. This slightly below temperature pattern will continue for the next few days before temperatures warm up again.

Sunday temperatures are back into the mid 80s. But by mid week next week, we could see some decent heat building southwest of us and spreading across our region again.