Watch Issued:

Yesterday’s focus for strong to severe thunderstorms was a lifting warm front. This morning, we turn our attention to the cold front.

Earlier this morning, a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH has been issued for all of our northern Illinois counties with the exception of Jo-Daviess County until 11AM.

A line of storms that have developed over eastern Iowa aims to track eastward as the morning progresses, bringing the threat for damaging winds and scattered large hail. The main time frame for us would be from 5AM to 9AM, with thunderstorms fully moving out of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin by late-morning.

Remember, if a warning is issued for your area, get to your safe place immediately. You want to be in the basement or the inner-most room. If you wind up being on the roads when a warning is issued, do not park under an overpass. Pull off the road and find shelter in the nearest building until the warning is cancelled or the worst conditions subside.