Showers capable of producing a few funnel clouds Thursday


Severe weather is not in the forecast Thursday night for the Stateline, but isolated showers that have formed along/around a cold front draped near I-88 this evening could be capable of producing a few funnel clouds. These funnel clouds are typically short-lived and rarely reach the ground. However, if you do happen to notice one nearing the ground, move indoors to a safe place.

The areas that may see some of the funnels are from western Ogle, Carroll, Whiteside and Lee counties. Even though the cold front has passed, there is still some instability in the atmosphere causing air underneath the towering cumulus clouds to quickly rise throughout the atmosphere. The converging winds along a boundary, in this case the cold front, cause the rising air to begin to spin. This can sometimes lead to a funnel cloud developing; which may be the case with the quickly forming showers, and towering cumulus clouds, south of Rockford.

The threat for any funnels will decrease after 7pm/8pm as the sun begins to set and the front sinks a little further south.

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