Yesterday was the fourth day in a row with measurable snow falling across the Stateline. For the most part, the area is sitting under 3-6″ of snow cover. A few areas up near the border is sitting under 6-8″. Snowfall reports through midnight include 8.0″ in South Beloit, 7.8″ in Janesville, 5.0″ in Freeport, 6.4″ at the station, and 4.9″ at the Chicago Rockford International Airport.

The majority of the area saw several inches yesterday. Road conditions still are mostly to completely covered according to Illinois Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Travel carefully and allow plenty of extra time today. Gusty winds are still in the forecast this morning and through Sunday/Monday which will continue to cause some snow to blow around.

Temperatures are near normal for this time of year. Most of us are waking up to the mid to upper teens early Sunday morning. Galena is only sitting at 9 degrees with a wind chill value of -9 degrees. Rockford is at 18 degrees with a wind chill down to what feels like 4 degrees. Wind chills are in place all across the Stateline early Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we’ll see even cooler temperatures, especially compared to the last few days. We will only be in the upper teens Sunday/near the 20-degree mark. Sunday night we will drop to near 5 degrees, but that’s not nearly as bad as what we will see Monday night into Tuesday morning. Subzero air temperatures, with even colder chills in the air.

Temperatures Monday will only be near 9 degrees, it’s likely that the majority of the area will only stay in the upper single digits. We will warm up slowly as the week progresses, but we hold on to a below normal pattern for some time.