Slightly Cooler Highs Follow Our First 50° Day of the Year


First 50° Day:

How about yesterday huh? Even with a cold front sliding through the region, temperatures at the Chicago-Rockford Airport reached 50° for the first time this year. Typically, Rockford sees twelve 50° days during the month of March. Temperatures moving forward will be slightly cooler thanks to yesterday cold front. However, we’ll see the 50s return sooner than you think.  


Northeast winds overnight helped drag in a little low-level moisture into the area. This has contributed to an increase in cloud cover, and the development of patchy fog. While the threat for dense fog is very low, I’d still keep my eyes peeled while traveling this morning. This morning’s round of clouds and fog will be quick to leave as an area of high pressure settles to our north. Although we won’t nearly be as warm as Wednesday, we’ll manage to end up seasonable this afternoon with highs in the low 40s.

If you have plans to be outside later on, have the heavier jacket with you. Today’s winds look to stay out of the northeast, which could bring a slight “chill” to the air. Wind chills will only manage to reach the mid to upper 30s. Conditions remain quiet for the evening commute. However, that same area of high pressure will bring another chance for patchy fog Friday morning. 

Lightning Safety:

Switching gears, lightning safety is today’s topic as we continue Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Thunderstorms can produce different types of lightning, with cloud to ground and intracloud lightning being the most common. Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors. If you are able to hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you. Quickly head indoors and stay away from any windows. If you’re stuck inside your vehicle during a thunderstorm, remain in the vehicle and place your hands in your lap. Similar to when you seek shelter inside a building, refrain from touching the doors and windows of the vehicle. Getting to the point, there is no safe place outside that’ll keep you safe from being struck.

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