We ended up a bit warmer for our afternoon highs today compared to yesterday, as most areas made it into the upper 70s, including 79° in Rockford. Cloud cover kept us lower than we could have been, however.

Those cloudier skies continue tonight, as temperatures only fall into the mid-60s overnight. Isolated showers remain possible, but many areas will remain mostly dry overnight.

Tomorrow, we will make it back into the low 80s once again, but cloud cover remains locked in place along with scattered showers throughout much of the day. Once again, many places will stay dry for a majority of the day, but you may want to keep the rain gear handy not too far away.

This is a perfect time to differentiate between the terms isolated, scattered, and widespread. Isolated means a shower or two are possible. Scattered is more like if there is a few clusters of showers, and widespread is when a majority of the area is covered with showers. Remember, isolated showers tonight, scattered showers tomorrow.

Our next chance for higher coverage in rain comes on Tuesday, with a potential severe weather threat. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted a large area across the upper Midwest to possibly see severe weather Tuesday. This is still more than a few days out, but something we will need to keep an eye on over the next few days.

The hot and humid weather returns next week, and is not slowed down by Tuesday’s storm chances. Not only does the heat look to last beyond this week, but through the end of the month as well. The Climate Prediction Center outlook favors most of country to see above normal temperatures in both their 6-10 Day and 8-14 Day Outlooks, talking us all the way through the end of the month. This doesn’t mean we will see hot and humid weather every day during that time, but we are entering a pattern where it is more likely we will see more hotter days than cooler ones.

The 7-Day forecast still looks warm already, with every day next week seeing at least slightly above normal temperatures. Scattered rain chances remain in place tomorrow, followed by storm chances Tuesday, but then we look dry through the end of the week.