Low Stays Put:

Remember that ‘rex’ blocking pattern we touched on last Friday? Well, a glimpse at upper-level maps this morning shows that it’s still in place. However, the ridge over the Rocky Mountains has strengthened, lifting into northeast Canada. 

What this has done is trap the slow-moving occluded low over the Dakotas and Minnesota, leaving us in the perfect spot for early-week rain chances. 

Early Week Rain:

Both Monday and Tuesday feature the chance for hit-or-miss showers and thunderstorms. The keyword being “hit-or-miss”, meaning not everyone will get in on the chance for rain. Still, I would make sure to pack the umbrella just in case. Temperature-wise, expect highs to peak in the low to mid 70s Monday, falling into the low 70s for Tuesday. 

Severe weather will not be a concern. In their latest outlooks, the Storm Prediction Center has kept the entire Stateline under a “general”storm risk, meaning most if not all thunderstorms should remain under severe criteria. It’s not until Wednesday night where this upper-level low phases out, allowing the ridge to the west take hold. This will not only help dry out our weather pattern, but also help filter a more milder air-mass for the first full weekend of fall!