It has been a bit of a cooler day, but not too bad, with temperatures reaching the 40s for many this afternoon. However, there is a weather system working in from the West that looks to bring some rain and snow later tonight and into the morning. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for all of our counties along the Illinois and Wisconsin border. This advisory goes from early overnight tonight through tomorrow afternoon, with exact times depending on where you are located. The main concern with this system is the slushy accumulation along with a slight chance for a glaze of ice.

Let’s jump right into Futurecast. We see precipitation looks to hold off until after 10 or 11 o’clock tonight, before that rain and snow line hovers right over the Illinois and Wisconsin border. Rain and snow remain possible through the overnight and into tomorrow morning, before showers dwindle down through the afternoon. Likely what we will see is a transition between rain and snow through much of the overnight hours, going back and forth between rain and snow. The biggest key is how temperatures are going to change through the night. A small change of only a degree or two one way or the other could make the difference between all rain and all snow. Regardless, morning commutes might be impacted, as we could see some slushy accumulations of snow by late tomorrow morning. We look to clear out from precipitation through the evening.

As far as totals, we could see upwards of 2″-4″ of very slushy accumulations North of Highway 20, with higher chances of seeing all snow further to the North. The more South you go, the more rain will be mixed in, and therefore the less totals. We still could see a Trace amount of snow up to 2″ as far South as Lee and Southern DeKalb counties.

To recap, tonight, we are going to see temperatures slowly climb from the low 30s they already are, with rain and snow moving in after midnight. Slushy accumulations are possible by early tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow, the high is 37 with rain and snow early on, dwindling down through the afternoon.

We have a more active pattern with this system and the next for next week, but we look dry through at least Sunday and Monday, with temperatures rising a bit above normal for much of the week.