Winter storm watches have been issued for some of the Stateline beginning Thursday afternoon, lasting through Friday morning. This is ahead of what could be an accumulating snow event for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Cloud cover will continue to increase through the night Tuesday as temperatures slowly fall through the 40s, eventually ending into the low 30s Wednesday morning. High pressure positioned to the north and northeast will keep a fair amount of dry air in place during the day Wednesday. This will also keep most of the precipitation to our west and south through Thursday afternoon.

As the high slips further to the east and southeast, it’ll allow moisture to move into Illinois Thursday evening. This will bring in a band of light snow during that time from the west and southwest. Low pressure passing to the south puts northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin in a higher probability for at least some accumulating snowfall through Friday morning. A slightly further track to the north would bring the threat for more mixed precipitation, and possibly rain, further north as well. Temperatures in the middle 30s during the afternoon Friday would allow the snow to be more heavy and wet, given the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.

Any snow in the morning would begin to mix with some light rain during the afternoon before coming to an end Friday evening. It’s still a little too early to give exact specifics on snowfall amounts, but at least a few inches of snow are possible for some. Impacts to the roads overnight Thursday, into Friday morning are possible as well.