It’s hard to believe that we had record warmth just 24 hours ago, doesn’t it? Many people went to bed while it still felt like early fall and woke up to winter! Temperatures at 2PM Friday afternoon were nearly 40° cooler than they were just 24 hours prior, before the strong cold front came through.

We saw quite a bit of sunshine earlier today, but clouds rolled in as the afternoon went on. The chill sticks around tonight, and we even see the chance for some flurries beginning as early as Midnight. Temperatures don’t fall too much farther from where they were during the afternoon, reaching a low in the upper 20s.

Snow chances continue tomorrow as we see the chance for flurries and snow showers through much of the day. Clouds will remain in place, but we could see a few peeks through the clouds.

We are not talking about widespread snow, nor will it be very heavy. At most, we will only see a few spotty showers.

Higher chances for some slightly heavier snow showers come through for the afternoon, but we should not see any accumulation from any of the snow we see.

In addition to the snow chances, we have another sign of the turning seasons… The return of the wind chill graphics. We already are seeing wind chills in the 20s now, and that remains the case through the weekend. By early Sunday morning, we could see many spots with wind chills in the teens. It’s probably time to pull the heavy coat out!

There are more snow chances to talk about besides just the flurries tonight and tomorrow. Our next weather system rolls in for the middle of the week. This one is still more than a few days out, but it does appear we will likely see some form of wintry precipitation Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay tuned to the forecast over the next couple days.

This cold didn’t quite come out of nowhere, but it sure felt like it… And just notice how much of a change next week will be compared to this past week. We set a record for high temperature yesterday, but it’s much cooler now and through next week.

And the chill does not go away anytime soon, with the longer-term outlooks favoring below normal temperatures. There is a very strong favoring to see below normal temperatures between the 17th and 21st.

The confidence lessens a bit between 8 and 14 days from now, but there is still a moderately favorable pattern to see below normal temperatures between the 19th and 25th.

Overall, this is one of the colder 7-Day forecasts we have seen in a while, and chances for winter precipitation take up 4 of the 7 days, including flurries Saturday, our next weather system for Tues/Wed, and another chance for snow next weekend.