Snow showers lifting north Monday evening; Gusty northeast winds continue


Winter Storm Warnings remain in place for all of northern Illinois while Winter Weather Advisories are in place for much of south-central Wisconsin, lasting through Tuesday afternoon. Snow, some steady to moderate, continues to lift from south to north Monday evening, impacting mostly areas south of Rockford. While radar currently shows what looks to be moderate snow along Highway 20 in northern Illinois, many reports have dry conditions so far. And that’s likely due to some drier air moving in, in the middle part of the atmosphere.

While the moisture is surging northward and radar is picking up on what should be steady and moderate snow, it may actually be evaporating before even reaching the ground. Now, as the evening progresses we should see the atmosphere continue to saturate which will eventually allow the snow to reach the surface. But if it continues to take a little while, this will have an impact on overall snow amounts. The impact from blowing snow and reduced visibility will still be present, but six (plus) inch snow totals may be hard to come by through Tuesday.

Northeast winds are still blustery this evening, gusting already to 30 mph. This has caused some of the snow that fell over the weekend to blow around on north/south roads, and in some locations covering the more open roads. IDOT is reporting roads south of Rockford now as partly snow/ice covered as a result of both the blowing snow, and snow that is currently falling. I do expect conditions to deteriorate through the evening with visibility falling as a result of the snow and wind. The steadier snow may come to an end after Midnight but scattered snow showers will continue into Tuesday morning.

Between now and Tuesday afternoon, snowfall totals across much of the area are expected to range between four to six inches, with slightly lower amounts across south-central Wisconsin. The six inch mark may be hard to come for everyone, but a few isolated locations could be on the higher end.

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