Snowfall wrapping up Tuesday evening; Dense fog possible overnight


Our first real snowfall of the Winter season occurred Tuesday, adding up between 1-3 inches for most across the Stateline. The heavier bursts of snow that occurred late morning and early afternoon were quick to taper off to more of a light and fine snow as temperatures warmed just a little above freezing by mid-afternoon. This allowed for some drizzle and very light rain showers to mix in.

As the snow begins to wind down Tuesday evening it will be the drizzle that lasts through the remainder of the evening and early overnight. Low pressure nearing the Stateline will cause winds to turn light and hold temperatures in the low 30s until a little after Midnight.

Locally dense fog will be possible as our atmosphere hangs on to quite a bit of moisture during that time. The combination of temperatures above freezing and a high dew point air mass will help melt away a little of the snow from earlier in the day, and this could lead to dense fog during the overnight.

Once the low passes early Wednesday morning surface winds will shift around to the northwest bringing down a cooler and drier air mass. Temperatures will fall as a result, down into the low 20s for the start of Wednesday. Skies are expected to remain cloudy through Wednesday afternoon with mid-day temperatures only rising to the upper 20s.

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