Snowpack Melts Away with Warming Temperatures


Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin have been split between winter storm systems to the north and to the south the past couple of weeks, leaving us with very little snowfall locally. Roughly 1-3 inches of snow is currently on the ground from Missouri to central Illinois, while close to a foot of snow remains over the Upper Great Lakes. A changing pattern in the jet stream will allow a warmer air mass to be pulled north late in the week, weekend and early next week pushing temperatures into the upper 40s, possibly close to 50 degrees.

The warming temperatures, however, may create a little more fog and cloud cover across the Stateline in the days to come. As the warm air moves over the snowpack to the south, the snow will melt adding moisture into the atmosphere. This added moisture will lead to the potential for the development of fog during the overnight as temperatures cool closer to the dew point temperature. If any fog develops it likely wouldn’t last long as there will be quite a bit of dry air in the atmosphere located a few thousand feet above the surface.

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