Spotty Showers Friday, Dry for a Majority of Labor Day Weekend


Recapping The Week:

What a difference a week makes huh? For the longest time, it felt like we couldn’t catch a break from the excessive heat and humidity. But man, this past week has been spectacular weather-wise. Highs for the most part have topped out in the low 80s, and there have been no issues with the humidity.

I’ll be honest, my air-conditioner has been on vacation since Monday morning. This comfortable weather pattern is set to continue into weeks end. But it comes at a cost, as we are scheduled to see our first rain chances since Tuesday afternoon. 

Few Friday Showers:

For those walking out early, conditions remain mainly dry under a mostly cloudy sky. Temperatures because of the additional cloud cover are starting off on a warmer note, in the upper 50s and low 60s. Rain chances hold off for much of Friday morning, thanks to the a large amount of dry air left behind by this week’s high pressure system. As a low pressure system swings in from the southwest, the associated moisture will help erode this dry air, leading to rain chances s early as late morning.

Coverage will remain light and scattered throughout the afternoon and evening. So while you won’t need the rain gear for much of this morning, be sure to have it with you on the way out. It will likely come in hand if you plan on attending Rockford’s City Market or any high school football games. 

Labor Day Forecast:

The potential for a few showers lingers into early Saturday morning, but conditions look to wind down rather quickly by mid-day. The rest of our Saturday remains dry, under mostly cloudy skies. With northwest winds taking over at the surface, highs will once again remain cooler-than-average in the mid to upper 70s.

With a little more sunshine in the forecast Sunday and Monday, temperatures will end up a few degrees warmer in the low 80s. A cold front sliding in from the northwest will bring our next best chance for rain during the afternoon and evening on Tuesday. A few storms are a possibility, but we’re still a long ways away from knowing if there will be any concern for severe weather. But it’s something to keep in mind though as we head into next week.

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