After yet another day that felt like summer, we are FINALLY going to see some relief soon. Today begun the trend toward more spring temperatures. The highs still reached into the upper 80s, but the dew points made it feel much better than it has the last few days. Dew points fell to the 40s and 50s during afternoon, compared to the dew points in the 60s and 70s from the last few days. Rockford actually set another record just a few days ago, reaching its highest hourly dew point reading this early in the season. Rockford dew point read 75° at one point Wednesday, breaking the previous record set back in 1959!

Again, that relief is on the way with more improvements tonight. Temperatures drop down into the low 60s and upper 50s with clouds increasing through the night. There remains a very slight chance for rain showers throughout the night, primarily after midnight.

Tomorrow, temperatures only top out in the 70s, which is much better compared to the 90s from just a few days ago. We hold onto a chance for rain showers later into the day, during the afternoon and evening.

Rain begins during the early afternoon in the form of scattered showers.

Rain becomes a little more widespread into the evening. Luckily, rain showers do not last very long and skies actually clear a bit into Monday morning.

After the rain showers Sunday, temperatures continue to trend down closer to normal into the middle of the week. Temperatures begin the upward trend for the end of the week, however.

The 7-Day forecast looks much better than many of the ones from the last week, with the highest temperature only reaching the upper 70s. A few chances for rain persist, primarily on Sunday and Wednesday.

For more information on this forecast, watch this clip from the 6PM newscast.