As we move further into the month of April you may start to notice a few more vehicles out on the roads. Farmers will likely be out within the next few weeks (assuming weather conditions cooperate) to begin spring planting. On average, planting begins around April 15th but there have been years where it has started earlier in the month, as well as later in the month.

Soil moisture is still a little too high, running within the 95th-99th percentile as of April 5th in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Soil temperatures, both two and four inches below bare soil, are within the low the mid 50s. Soil temperatures above 50 degrees are needed in order for the seed to germinate. Over the next few weeks, we will likely begin to see more farm equipment out on the roads as farmers begin prepping fields for planting. Be sure to give them space while on the roads as they move from field to field. Be patient, be kind, and be sure to give them a friendly farmer wave.