Steady rain continues Sunday evening; Rain and wind for Monday morning


A strengthening low pressure system moving across the Iowa/Missouri border will continue to move towards the region Sunday evening. A steady rain has been falling, with a few heavier downpours, for much of the afternoon and evening. There have been, and will continue to be, a few thunderstorms across southern portions of the regions – especially for southern Lee and DeKalb counties.

Blustery northeast winds have held temperatures in the 40s for much of the afternoon, with little in the way of a drop expected Sunday night, or rise for Monday afternoon. The rain will continue throughout the evening before turning light, most likely around Midnight, as the center of low crosses south of the area. Wrap around showers are then expected into Monday morning before drying out a bit for Monday afternoon and evening.

Winds have been gusty at times throughout much of the day, but are expected to increase as the low moves closer. Already there have been a few gusts reaching close to 40 mph, with a few isolated locations possibly coming close to 45 mph before Midnight. Northeast winds will remain strong into Monday morning, gusting at times to 35 mph. The combination of the strong wind and heavy rain will not only cause ponding water on the roadways through the night and into Monday, but also cause leaves to fall off the trees and on to the roads, sidewalks, gutters and storm drains.

This will cause some slicks spots on the roads, as well as potentially cause some minor flooding issues along the sides of the roads and ditches where the storm drains are a little clogged. Be careful if out Sunday night and early Monday morning as the lack of light will make it hard to see, especially if under a heavier downpour. And remember to give yourself extra distance when driving between you and car in front of you as it takes a longer distance to stop on wet or leaf covered roads.

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