Light snow has begun to fall across much of the Stateline, with some areas to the West (namely Freeport) already picking up a quick blanket of new snow just between 6-7PM.

Other spots further to the East were a bit slower to see the snow start, but some roads are already becoming wet, with snow to pick up on them shortly after. These looks across the Stateline were around 7PM.

Light snow continues tonight, with minor accumulations. Temperatures will hover in the low 30s, only a few degrees cooler than they were earlier today.

Most of the light snow will continue to increase in coverage throughout the evening and will still be fairly widespread toward the Midnight hour.

The majority of accumulations will occur overnight, with many spots in the Stateline seeing an additional 1-2″ of new snow. Some spots to the North and West could see isolated higher totals, but the upper end of this system is closer to 3″ at most.

While the majority of the snow will have moved out by early tomorrow morning, scattered snow showers will still remain present throughout much of the day Sunday. Any accumulations Sunday will be much lighter compared to what we will see overnight with the steady snow. Some spots to the South may even see some light rain trying to mix in if temperatures warm a bit more.

Overall, many spots will stay in the mid-30s for highs tomorrow as scattered snow showers continue to move through. Light accumulations are possible.

Flurries remain possible through Monday morning as the upper-level system continues to spin off aloft.

While our time may be springing forward tonight, our weather will not feel like spring. Snow showers continue through tomorrow, with highs in the 30s and lows in the teens and 20s for a few days. We are dry Tuesday, but rain chances and highs in the 40s and 50s return Thursday, with wintry mix possible Friday into Saturday.