The sunshine returned today, making for a very nice picture across the Stateline this afternoon. This picture from our Skytrack camera overlooking downtown Rockford shows the blue skies that were in place for the afternoon. This sunshine helped our temperatures to warm into the upper 30s and even close to 40° for some.

Those clear skies are allowing temperatures to fall back a bit quicker though, as we are without the cloud cover like we had last night. Most across Northern Illinois will see temperatures fall to the mid and low 20s, with a few spots across Southern Wisconsin that could see slightly lower temperatures due to a bit of snow cover still hanging around.

The sunshine sticks around through the day tomorrow, allowing temperatures to surge into the upper 40s. A few spots could tease the 50° mark. Clouds return to the area late into the evening, as our next weather system bring rain and wind overnight into Monday morning.

Futurecast holds off some of the heaviest showers until we get we get well after midnight. A few thunderstorms could be embedded within this line of showers as well. Heavy rain and limited visibilities are possible within the heaviest bands of rain. Temperatures will remain too warm to see any mixed precipitation locally, but some areas across Central and Northern Wisconsin could see some wintry precipitation.

The bulk of the rain will be out of the area by mid-day, but a few scattered showers remain possible as the low pressure center passes nearly right overhead. Temperatures during this time could range by around 20° across just a few counties in our area as the warm sector passes very close to the IL/WI border.

Total rainfall from this system will amount to around an inch or so for most. This might not quite be enough for flooding concerns, but some ponding is possible in low-lying areas.

This powerful low-pressure system will not only bring the threat of heavy rain, but also strong winds. Outside of thunderstorms, winds could gust up to at least 40 mph throughout much of Monday. Initially winds will be out of the Southeast as the strong low pressure approaches, but will shift out of the Northwest after the system passes, ushering in much cooler air for Monday evening.

Once the impactful weather system passes, we will see another chance for precipitation Tuesday night into early Wednesday before drying out a bit for next weekend. High temperatures stick in the 40s and 50s through Wednesday before they sink back closer to normal to end out next week.