Strong Winds Help Bring Back a Summer-Like Feel To Kick Off the Work Week


Weather Headlines:

Who’s ready for it to feel a little like summer again? For those that answered yes, I am right there with you. Strong winds moving in behind a lifting warm front today will help usher in a MUCH warmer air-mass to kick off the work week. So much so, that we’ll be flirting with our warmest high temperature of the year thus far, which was 81° back on April 6th.

Blustery Monday

Taking a glimpse at the latest surface analysis, our warm front was spotted to our southwest, leaving winds regionally out of the southeast. While winds are a little breezy this morning, they aren’t strong enough to cause any disruptions to your morning drive. However, they’ll become a nuisance once you’re ready to travel home later on today. Once the warm front is fully through, gusts could approach 35-40 mph. Those who travel in a high-profile will definitely need to take extra caution by keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel. The sunshine, along with these gusty winds, will help temperatures soar into the mid-upper 70s this afternoon. Winds remain breezy out of the southwest overnight, resulting in overnight lows in the low 60s. You heard me correctly, low 60s. That’s typically the average low in late-June. When you start off the day with a mild start of this magnitude, it just spells out what’s to come for the rest of the day.

Little Taste of Summer:

Tuesday also features a mix of clouds & sunshine, with highs jumping into the low 80s. Winds throughout the day won’t nearly be as strong, with gusts topping out around 20-25 mph. Clouds look to fill in more as we head into Tuesday night, as a cold front marches in from the northwest. Thankfully, temperatures following this cold frontal passage don’t look to plummet like they did with the last cold front, which dropped highs into the 40s. High temperatures look to hover on either side of the 70° Wednesday, with 60s for both Thursday and Friday. Get this! Thursday’s high of 62° is the coolest high of the next 7 days. Along with the cold front comes a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. It doesn’t look like Wednesday will be a washout, as much of the heavier rainfall remains to our south.

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