Sun-filled Tuesday, Snow Chances Arrive Late Tomorrow


Last night featured clear skies and light winds at the surface, which allowed our temperatures to once again become bone-chilling. Many of us as we prepared for our day were stepping outside to temperatures in the single digits, and wind chills below zero. Today, just like yesterday, will feature plenty of sunshine, but slightly cooler than average temperatures. I would still make sure that you’re layered up before you head out the door today. For those of you that dislike these cooler temps, some relief is on the way. This winter-like chill is going to slowly be replaced by warmer temperatures for the second half of the week, but it comes with rain and snow chances.

The same area of high pressure that brought the abundance of sunshine yesterday will be the focus of the forecast for today. The rest of our Tuesday will feature sunny and relatively cloud free skies as sinking air continues aloft. Temperatures this afternoon will climb into the mid to upper 20s, which is just slightly below average for the second half of January. By the end of the day high cirrus clouds slowly begin to move into the region. I strongly suggest that you take advantage of the sunshine today, because changes are coming as we transition into the second half of the work week.

Low temperatures will be achieved early on tonight as clouds continue to increase and surface winds stay out of the south-southwest.    We’ll see a slight improvement in the wind chills, but still could see single-digit chills by tomorrow morning. Depending on how much clouds increase overnight, we could squeeze in a few peeks of sun before skies turn fully overcast.   Despite the cloud cover, dry conditions are going to persist through much of the daylight hours tomorrow. Snow chances hold off until late in the day, most likely beginning around the evening commute. Accumulations look to remain on the lighter side. But since road temperatures are going to be cold enough, snow will be able to stick to the roadways potentially making conditions slick by the time Thursday’s morning commute arrives.

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