Sunshine Returns Ahead of Tuesday’s Cool Down


Did anything in your yard blow away yesterday? It wouldn’t surprise me if you said yes to that question because Sunday was a very windy day across the region. Under yesterday’s Wind Advisory, wind gusts all across northern Illinois topped out between 40 to 50 mph. 

Our top observed wind gusts came out of the Rockford, Savanna, and Hebron areas with a wind gust of 49 mph. A breeze does hang around with us for our Monday. But thanks to an area of high pressure, the forecast is definitely going to be something to smile about. 

Temperatures were a bit chilly to start thanks to a northwesterly breeze that lingered into this morning. This was the reason behind wind chills across the area registering in the upper 20s and low 30s to start. Thankfully, the cooler weather doesn’t hang around long today, as highs climb into the low to mid 50s this afternoon. Winds throughout the rest of the morning and early afternoon could manage to gust up to 20 mph at times. But, I am happy to report that our Monday is going to be filled with sunny weather. An area of high pressure that has taken over much of the plains this morning will shift eastward this afternoon. This will keep the atmosphere above us pretty dry through the day allowing for a partly sunny afternoon. In other words, take anytime today to get outside and grab some much needed fresh air. 

The sunshine we see today will be replaced by partly to mostly cloudy skies and below average temperatures. In fact, highs will end up about ten degrees below average by tomorrow afternoon, as highs climb into the mid to upper 40s. Skies Tuesday morning will start off partly cloudy, but then cloud cover will quickly increase area-wide as northeast surface winds helps drag in a bit of moisture off of Lake Michigan. The cloud cover along with these northeasterly winds will be the main factors in Tuesday’s cool down. This cool down however is short lived as temperatures for many across the area climb back into the mid 50s by Wednesday afternoon. 

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