Sunshine Sticks Around, More Active Pattern Arrives Next Week


Chilly Friday Morning:

It’ll feel a little different as you walk out the door on this Friday morning. A very dry atmosphere overnight allowed temperatures to bottom out, landing 10° to 15° cooler than temperatures Thursday morning. So you may want to grab that heavier jacket, or put on an extra layer or two before stepping out the door. Otherwise, the sunny week we’ve had is set to end on a sun-filled note, as this weather pattern shows no signs of slowing down into the weekend.

 Weekend Outlook:

Guidance continues to lock an area of high pressure to the north, keeping conditions dry into the afternoon. Mostly sunny skies will help temperatures quickly climb back to seasonable levels, with Rockford topping out in the low 40s. At times, it may feel like the 30s thanks to a light northwest wind. If you have plans to be out and about later on, keep that heavier jacket or extra layer with you. Other than that, it’ll be another pleasant day here at home to enjoy the outdoors. 

If that doesn’t brighten your spirits on this Friday morning, I have even better news. The first weekend of March looks to be a beautiful one. The same area of high pressure will bring plenty of sunshine for both Saturday and Sunday. As this high pressure system shifts to the southeast, our surface wind will also shift to the south-southeast, bringing a bit of a warm up for Sunday. Highs will climb from the low 40s Saturday to potentially topping out in the low 50s.

First 60° Day?: 

The placement of this high pressure will end up being one of the main factors into the big warm up we see heading into next week. The clockwise spin of that system will transport a very warm air-mass from the Gulf of Mexico and the deep south and spread it across the central plains. As a low slides into southern Canada, a warm front is shown sliding through heading into the Monday morning-afternoon time frame. Winds are expected to strengthen behind this warm front, allowing this very warm air-mass to filter in for the first half of the upcoming work week. We just had our first 50° day of the year on Wednesday, and it looks like we may quickly follow that with our first 60° day.

Unseasonably Warm:

Highs to being the work week may fall a degree or two short of the 60° mark. However, I think we’ll be able to hit that mark once we get into Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperatures overall will end up well above average by about 10° to 20°. While the work week starts off with some sunshine, we’ll see our weather pattern become more active towards the middle of the week. The stronger of the two systems, which is the one that moves in Wednesday into Thursday, will bring the chance for heavier rain, and even a few rumbles of thunder. Something we haven’t said in quite a while.

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