Temperatures Wednesday afternoon were split from north to south, holding in the 40s across parts of Wisconsin, but rising to the 70s along/south of I-88. We had a strong warm front to thank for the large spread in temperatures.

Thunderstorms that formed over Whiteside County Wednesday afternoon were quick to turn severe once they moved into Lee County, producing quite a bit hail. Some of the hail stones reached golf ball sized around Amboy, IL. As the storms moved east, they helped to push to the warm front further south cooling temperatures nearly 10-20 degrees over the span of a couple hours.

Winds have turned back to the northeast this evening as temperatures hold in the mid-40s. The warm front, which currently sits near I-80, will stall through the rest of the evening and overnight. Temperatures are likely to hold in the 40s through the night before rising Thursday morning. Low pressure over the central Plains will draw the warm front north bringing temperatures into the upper 60s, to near 70 degrees, during the afternoon.

The strong warm air Wednesday night will keep the threat for isolated thunderstorms in the forecast overnight, but the severe threat remains low. Any strong storm that does develop will be capable of producing large hail.