Cold Front Parade:

The first of two cold fronts is currently in the process of passing through the Stateline. Once it’s through, skies will turn partly cloudy and remain partly cloudy for the remainder of the day. 

Temperatures will only take a small hit compared to Wednesday, landing in the mid 70s. It’s the second cold front, the one that’s scheduled to come through this evening, that will bring significant changes to the temperature department for the weekend.  

Post-frontal passage, a surge of cold Canadian air will take place across the Great Lakes. Remember those 80s that we were enjoying earlier in the week? Well, temperatures that warm will quickly become a thing of the past as highs will struggle to get out of the 50s this weekend and even during the early stages of next week. Overnight lows during this stretch will fall into the chilly upper 30s, which may be cold enough for patchy frost in spots.

Showers Friday:

As far as rain chances are concerned, the only chance we are keeping an eye on is for Friday afternoon. The combination of the colder air aloft and atmospheric energy will cause scattered showers to quickly develop, some of which may be heavy.

There may even be some graupel (a.k.a soft hail) mixed in with the heavier rain showers as the freezing level remains pretty low in the atmosphere.