Not everyone is waking up with a wind chill but those that are feel like they’re down to the teens such as Galena, Monroe, Freeport, and DeKalb. Bundle up before heading out! Temperatures start to rebound some by this afternoon. On Halloween we only received a trace amount of snowfall across the Stateline, but areas in western Michigan along the lake 6-9″! Because we got a trace amount this will go down as the 8th Halloween where we have seen snow at the Chicago Rockford International Airport, pretty rare.

To recap October, we had 15 above normal days, 15 below, and 1 day at normal. Due to the days we were well above average we actually managed to be about half a degree warmer than normal. Precipitation was well above average especially due to that rainy Friday October 13th. We reached 4.60″ which is nearly two inches above normal for October.

Temperatures in November will drop from the start to the end of the month 15 degrees. The average high for November 1st is 55 degrees, we will be nearly 15 degrees below that today. By the middle of the month temperatures fall to an average high of 47 degrees and then by November 30th that drops to 40 degrees.

Temperatures will be right near the 40-degree mark Wednesday afternoon, some holding in the upper 30s, some will rise into the lower 40s. Wednesday night temperatures fall to near 30 degrees which is typical for mid-November. Though temperatures tonight will be warmer than the last few nights, it will not be as warm as what we will see to follow. By Thursday temperatures will be back to the 50-degree mark for some and then into the mid 50s by the weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour before you head to bed Saturday night as we fall back Sunday morning.